Chicken Hill™ Baby Poultry Leg Bands


Product Description

Baby poultry identifiers! Band at hatch to tell breeds, parentage, or chicks apart from each other. These stretchy leg bands are easy to put on, take off and they stay on well. Once they start to get tight from the chicks growing, about 3 to 4 weeks, go up to the next size.

Each package includes a mix of Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, and Purple bands.
Available in a 100pk or 500pk with three size choices:
  • Small Size 3: Use for day old Quail, Seramas, small bantams.
  • Medium Size 4: Are for standard size day old chicks, ducks and light geese.
  • Large Size 5: For large day old poultry such as heavy geese.
  • XLarge Size 6: Grow-outs