Book-Hatching & Brooding Your Own Chicks


Product Description

By Gail Damerow. Storey Publishing: January 15, 2013 - Paperback (239 Pages)

From Fertilized Egg to Baby Chick and Beyond: Chickens - Turkeys - Ducks - Geese - Guinea Fowl

Whether you're an experienced poultry owner or an intrigued beginner, chicken expert Gail Damerow offers everything you need to know about acquiring and brooding hatchlings and what to expect from your young charges as they grow. When you've gained experience brooding and are eager for the next challenge, Damerow goes on to explain every step of the hatching process.

If you want your chickens to do the work for you, the chapter on broody hens will prepare you for their special care and feeding needs. If you choose to incubate the eggs, complete coverage of selecting and operating an incubator and understanding the structure and development of an egg will give you the confidence to act as mother hen yourself. And hatching and brooding information on turkeys, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl is also featured.