NaturPet Joint Care 100ml

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Product Description

Joint Care is a balanced formula of herbs working together to effectively relieve aches and discomfort. This remedy assists your pet’s body to clean out calcium deposits in joints, eliminate damaging acids and toxins and reduce inflammation.

  • All natural pet remedy
  • Promotes joint health
  • Provides antioxidants to reduce cellular damage
  • Eases exercise discomfort
  • For Cats and Dogs
  • Made in Canada

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Ratio 1:4 Devil’s Claw Root, Pau D`Arco inner bark, Hydrangea root, Burdock root, Wild Lettuce herb, Lobelia herb, Sarsaparilla root, Black Cohosh root, Black Walnut hulls, Bentonite Clay, Guaiacum resin, Cayenne fruit.

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Purified water, 6% alcohol.