RC Pets Sport Pawks

SKU 64201012

Product Description

    The anti-slip Sport PAWks™ are for indoor and outdoor wear, providing traction and protection for your dog’s paws.
    • Anti-slip silicone coating maximizes grip and protects paws from salt and other outdoor irritants
    • Provides elderly dogs with the traction needed to maintain mobility
    • Protects hardwood floors and indoor surfaces from claw marks
    • Stretchy cotton/spandex, machine washable
    • Reusable, fun and functional!
    • Comes in set of 4; 1 for each paw!
    • Not for use in icy or freezing conditions (see Ultimate Trail Boots here)

    Note: To get a front paw measurement have the dog stand with their front paw on a piece of paper. Ensuring the dog's weight is on the paw, draw a line to the left and right of the widest part of the paw. Now you can simply measure the distance between the two lines to get the paw width measurement.

    For the best fit, trim your dog's nails before putting on the PAWks. If you are between sizes, we recommend the smaller size as socks should fit snugly  like they do on humans. Dogs may prance when first wearing PAWks. Distract the dog with their favorite toy or treat until they get used to them.